My website is Under Reconstruction, but it's almost ready again.

Maybe you've been here before and wondered what's wrong here. Well, don't worry, I'm still alive, and you'll soon see. Thank you for visiting and remembering me.

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About Me.

Lover of projects and business, and curious about new technologies, multiculturalism, and art.

Defining myself in a single word has never meant anything easy to me. That is why the word Multipotential plays a very important role in my life.

What Do I Do? Who I am?

These are very big questions. Business Developer, Photographer, Project Manager? Entrepreneur? Business and Projects are my greatest passions. I have a Business Administration degree, a Master in Online Marketing and eCommerce, and a second in Digital Project Management. I also studied TV Production and Broadcasting, and Certificate in Graphic Design, Cameraman, Editing, Infographic and Web Design, and Photography – Another of my biggest Passions.

Contact Numbers:

Phone: (551) 232 2515
WhatsApp: +1 (646) 300 9252



New Jersey and New York, USA

New Jersey, New York