More than Business Developer or Photographer,

A Multipotential

Lover of projects and business, and curious about new technologies, multiculturalism, and art.

Hi Friends.

My name is Frank, but you can also find me as FkEilers on the Internet.

Defining myself in a single word has never meant anything easy to me. That is why the word Multipotential plays a very important role in my life.

Walker and Restless

I was born in Lima, Peru. But I feel more proudly identified as Latin American.
This is because when you have lived not only outside your country, but from your own continent, you can understand how great and beautiful your culture is, and the pride of representing it.

With what country or city do I stay?

Difficult to say.
What is clear, and I am sure, I am not only from where I come from, but from each place where I had open doors, and I was welcomed.

Curiosity for the cultures and to know other countries?

Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Canada, USA, Spain, Germany. The world is very big…

I am not only from where I was born, but also from each place where I had open doors and I was welcomed.

What Do I Do? Who I am?

These are very big questions.

Business Developer, Photographer, Project Manager? Entrepreneur?

Business and Projects are my greatest passions.

I have a Business Administration degree, a Master in Online Marketing and eCommerce, and a second in Digital Project Management.

I also studied TV Production and Broadcasting, and Certificate in Graphic Design, Cameraman, Editing, Infographic and Web Design, and Photography – Another of my biggest Passions.

For that reason, Multipotential is one of my best words.

For any questions contact me at:

Frank Eilers || FkEilers

About me

Frank Eilers

«Caminante que peregrino por estas tierras.
Caminante que hace camino al andar».

Inspired on Antonio Machado’s poem «Caminante no hay camino».

Collector of Feelings

Quotes & Testimonials

Ich habe Frank eingestellt, als ich auf der Suche nach spannenden spanisch sprachigen Mitarbeitern für ein neues Start-up war. Es gab noch kein Team, keine Strukturen, nahezu kein Produkt. Frank hat maßgeblich dazu beigetragen, den spanischen Markt zu erschließen und das Produkt weiter zu entwickeln. Er wurde ins kalte Wasser geschmissen, und hat nicht nur geschafft, nicht unterzugehen, sondern sogar zu beeindrucken und sich unentbehrlich zu machen.
Frank ist äußerst vielseitig und kann sich sehr schnell in neue Themenbereiche einarbeiten. Er ist neugierig, kann richtig mit anpacken, und ist sich für nichts zu schade – eine wichtige Eigenschaft in der Start-up-Welt.
Auch bringt Frank seinen kreativen Kopf auf verschiedenste Art und Weise stets mit ein – von guten Ideen im Projekt Management, bis zu Design und Fotografie.
Nicht nur auf professioneller Ebene ist es toll mit Frank zusammen zu arbeiten. Auch persönlich trägt er sehr viel zu einer tollen Arbeitsatmosphäre bei. Er ist warmherzig, lustig, schlau und es macht einfach Spaß Zeit mit ihm zu verbringen.

Katrin Arrubla
Katrin Arrubla Ocampo - Head of Talent Wunder Carpool
I worked with Frank for 3 years and it was an amazing experience. He works really hard when he trust in a project and doesn´t stop until the goal is achieved. He´s got really good communication skills and a special sense of design. He also took all the official photos for the company. I would totally recommend Frank for developing projects and design topics.

Javier Atencia
Javier Atencia - Account Manager SpainCommission Junction
Frank is a highly motivated employee with longterm perspective. He is strongly committed to his tasks and has no fear of confrontation. He communicates and gets along well with international teams, which makes him an efficient employee as well as a valuable colleague.

Erkin Ürlen
Erkin Ürlen - Business Intelligence AnalystJimdo
Frank es un account manager que equilibra la templanza y la serenidad en sus actos con el dinamismo y la proactividad. Como gestor de nuestros clientes, no sólo ha favorecido nuestra expansión en el mercado español, sino que ha ayudado en la promoción de nuestros anunciantes a nivel global. Es una persona minuciosa, detallista y con la que dá gusto colaborar.

Susana Carbajales
Susana Carbajales - Head of eCommerceMobusi

«Anyone can take a picture, a person with a passion sees the picture before it’s taken» – anonymous

Frank’s passion is to be seen in all of his picture. His ideas and directions are very clear. His lovely personality and positive energy creates comfortable, relaxed and fun ambience. He has grown to be a talented photographer and a great friend.

Lynn Wira on Facebook
Gracias Frank Eilers por tus enseñanzas, tu paciencia, dedicación y apoyo con la fotografía. Nunca me hubiera imaginado que fuese algo tan complejo pero a la vez tan fascinante. Gracias por creer en mi y no dejar que mi miedo y el no poder tuvieran importancia en este camino. Se que siguen nuevos retos, nuevas experiencias y a la vez nuevos conocimientos. No soy muy buena escribiendo pero quería agradecerte por tu grandiosa labor.. estoy orgullosa de ti y todo lo que has logrado y te motivó a que sigas con ello..
P.D. Pronto veras mis fotos circulando por las redes sociales… gracias amigo
Gina Marín on Facebook